It makes sense that Alain Martin, the founder of Soudure A. Martin, after decades of welding metal and gaining prestige and reputation around Chambly Quebec, expanded the company and added a metal electrostatic powder painting subdivision 20 years ago. He named it QUALICO and Since then, Qualico became known for providing the best electrostatic powder paint coating services in Laval, Rive Sud, Rive Nord, Greater Montreal area.

After 2008, Qualico had gained so many customers that a new larger building was needed to attend the industrial, commercial and residential powder paint orders which now can be picked up from your building and transported to our company, where we can prep them, sand blast them or galvanize them, paint them, load them in our transport vehicles and deliver them back to you, making the entire process from beginning to end as easy as possible for our clients and always on time.

Be assured that the paint products used by Qualico technicians are of the finest quality. Each of the powder coats are always applied by the latest powder paint spray guns. Most importantly, electrostatic paint applied after firing our powder coating gun will give you a uniform, bump free, smooth or textured finish with a huge choice of COLORS of extreme durability and resistance to weather and elements.

This powdered paint procedure is also known as “baked paint” and it is in some industrial applications a recent quality control requirement. This is due to the fact that items treated with this electrostatic paint procedures become resistant to rust and corrosion. Also, powder painted items are more resistant to weather. More specifically, after the baked paint process the items are difficult to scuff or chip. In some cases, the surface of the items coated becomes vandal spray resistant because it’s more washable. Moreover, powder paint is more resistant to “Color Fading” because it is more capable of withstanding UV rays and the powder paint products we use are not harmful to the environment.


  • Erie Powder Coatings
  • Protech
  • Tiger Drylac
  • Sherwin -Williams
  • All these brands are of the highest warranty and quality control standards making it a great investment to paint your items with.


  • Pick up
  • Sand Blasting
  • Chemical stripping
  • Galvanizing
  • Electrostatic powder coat painting
  • Transport
  • Delivery


  • Mechanical Industrial Machinery
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Auto racing chassis
  • All type vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Bicycles
  • Chairs and furniture
  • Fences
  • Railings

Qualico’s powder paint coating services are available for large quantity orders of objects or can be contracted for one custom product. We believe that “No order is too big or too small” and every one of our clients is equally important. In addition to this, Qualico offers the most competitive value for your money matched by decades of experience. Our numerous years of experience and the new High Tech equipment at our new facility have led us to obtain the highest standards of quality.

Find out why so many clients are completely satisfied with Qualico’s powder paint services all over Montreal, and most of Quebec. Call a Qualico representative for a complementary quote (450) 447-4202 or Email us today for a prompt, professional consultation that surely will fit your needs and your budget.