Before expanding in various welding techniques, Alain Martin had become an expert master mechanic repairing Marine vehicles and boats of different classifications. The MARINE division is the oldest of Soudure A. Martin’s 3 sub companies celebrating over 30 years of experience in the repair of aquatic vehicles with an ever expanding team of certified boat mechanics.

Alain Martin created the MARINE division to be conveniently located in Chambly in Quebec in the heart of Chambly Industrial Park.

Since then, many customers have brought their boats and marine recreation vehicles for the following boat welding and boat repair services.


  • Boat mechanical repair
  • Boat Winterizing
  • Rudder repair
  • Shaft repair
  • Shaft reconstruction
  • Shaft manufacturing
  • Reconstruction of Propellers
  • Motor stand drive repair
  • Paint
  • Boat supports
  • Turbines

Our MARINE Division offers an impressive inventory of boat parts, new, used or reconstructed feet, shafts and propellers. Aside from repairing or reconditioning boat parts, visit our sales department where we offer the following:


  • Used boat parts
  • NEW PARTS: Authorized Reseller of several Boat Brands
  • Propellers
  • Turbines
  • Reconditioned propellers
  • Reconditioned Stand Drive.

We don’t just specialize in many welding techiques of various types of Metals. We have an electrostatic powder paint division called QUALICO and also a Marine division in the Soudure A. Martin building. We repair most marine accessories, rears, rudder, rudder bracket, flanges, shafts etc. with complete aim for excellence, performance and outstanding results at the most competitive welding prices in Granby, Quebec. and the Monteregie area.


To better serve our customers we offer different metal propellers. Each Metal material produces a different type of performance. Click on each Metal to find out how each type of metal boat propeller works and what difference it makes for your boat. Also, our team of certified boat mechanics have experience in the boat repair industry and will be happy to talk to you and help you make the best propeller choice for your boat. Remember our team have skilled machinists that can make you one, or reconstruct one if that is what you want. We work with all budgets and can find you the best solution.



Allow one of our boat experts to talk to you about your boat propeller. There are so many factors that help your boat performance. You need to know about the following: Cavitation, ventilation, blade shape, propeller material, angle of the blade, curved blade versus non curved blade and finally the style of the propeller’s edge.

For example, the blades of a boat propeller push water in one direction and the boat moves in the opposite direction ( "For every movement there is an equal and opposite reaction " ). While the blades rotate and push water back they create a suction on the front of each blade. This suction is so strong that the extreme low pressure area created can blow air bubbles with a force that can remove paint from the propeller. This occurs when air is introduced through either cavitation or ventilation.


The difference between cavitation and ventilation is often misunderstood.

Ventilation occurs when air bubbles from the bottom of the boat find their way into the propeller area and cause ventilation. It can also occur when the blades of the propeller are too close to the surface of the water. This drags bubbles of air which get pushed into the propeller’s area.

Cavitation in different. Cavitation occurs when the propeller rotates on its own accord ( as a car tire on a slippery road ) and produces air at the front of the blade.

Both “Ventilation and Cavitation” are caused by too rapid revolution. To correct this problem, you must reduce acceleration until the propeller reconnects with water.

Our MARINE certified boat mechanics can determine what type of boat propeller is the ideal for your boat. The right choice will not cause the cavitation and ventilation problems, The right choice involves how the motor sits in place and how deep it is submerged in the water. Call us today and make an appointment. We will be happy to answer your questions. we are located in the Soudure A. Martin building in the Chambly Industrial Park in Chambly, Quebec. Experts at the local Marinas all over Montreal, Quebec and sorrounding areas in the east of Canada know that Alain Martin’s MARINE company is one of the most competitive and reliable in the Monteregie area.


The blades may be formed in several different ways . The most common shapes are the ROUND EAR blade or ELLIPTICAL blade shapes. These boat propellers shapes produce an optimal balance of power and speed. Other boat propellers are TAPERED or SHARPENED which are designed to provide less drag and are generally geared for high speed.

Boat Propellers are also available with a “DOME” shape, this means they have a lip on the edge of the blade. These boat propellers help disperse the water off of the blade. This improves the adhesion of water pressure to reduce slippage.

CLEAVER boat propellers and semi cleavers can be identified by their right rear edge. This boat blade shape allows a boat propeller to perform at the surface of water without causing ventilation. The drag reduction can improve RPM with the same amount of horsepower.

OBLIQUE boat propeller: A propeller with blades which sweep in a curve after the rotation is called a “BIAS” also known as ( oblique line ). This boat blade shape is ideal for navigating underwater. This is because they are less likely to confuse where there are underwater weeds.


The amount of rotation is usually measured by percentage. For example, if a propeller with a pitch of 25 inches made four turns, it should (in theory) make the boat 100 inches. In practice, if the boat moves 90 inches, this would indicate that the slip factor is 10%.

If a blade protrudes from the right or “noyeu” or “hub” is placed perpendicularly, the ratio of a helix angle is of zero attachment. The blades can be configured with an attachment angle of zero for maximum lifting the back of the boats that are hollow on the water.

If the blade leans back towards the trailing edge of the propeller, then it lowers the angle of attachment. If it tilts completely backward from the trailing of the propeller, then has a has a high angle attachment. Such ratio can be measured in degrees, the greater the degree of the angle of attachment the highest ratio you get over the bow mount.

This may sound very complicated but if you call one of the MARINE boat division at the Soudure A. Martin building, you will be taken care of and your questions will be answered. We are an authorized dealer that carries many Boat Name Brands to finish your boat repair issues and get your boat ready for a pleasant boating season. We also repair, reconstruct, and recondition your boat propeller, stand drive, shaft etc. Our Building is at the Chambly Industrial Complex off of the 10 east freeway. we will make you feel glad you chose MARINE boat division for your boat needs. we are well regarded in every marina in Quebec Canada.


At Soudure A. Martin, our MARINE certified boat mechanics agree that one of the most frequent questions is: "Should I use a propeller with three or four blades?"

Although there are no rules, If you increase the size of your plate or add slides, this increases what is called the ratio of your boat propeller surface diameter. While more blade surface adds to the thrust of the boat, it also creates a high speed drag. For example, think of wider tires on your car and you will have a good comparison. Since the boat propeller blades will create drag.

Therefore, you should start with the least amount of boat propeller blades possible (Two blades is the minimum). In recent years, the horsepower boats increased and boat manufacturers have created new ways to reduce drag by using lighter materials such “metal composites” and incorporating " walk " at the bottom of the hull.

These techniques open the door to four-bladed propellers. Four blade boat propellers enjoy several advantages. A boat propeller with four blades has the same number of blades pointing upwards and downwards providing smoother operation, faster acceleration at low speeds and even FUEL ECONOMY when traveling at cruising speed. Many boaters have opted for four-blade propellers for this reason. Remember, pushing for maximum speed will not increase the boat speed quickly with this type of boat propeller and may even decrease slightly. This boat propeller type is good for steady cruising not necessarily for racing.

Call the MARINE division of Soudure A. Martin and ask for a certified boat mechanic. Many Quebecoise and eastern canadian Marinas know that our work is reliable and we carry new propellers of various brands as well as used ones. We can also recondition your existing boat propeller. regardless of your boat propeller problem, we can help you solve it considering your budget and the type of boat. We are here to share with you over 30 years of experience. There is no reason why your boat should not be ready to be enjoyed this boating season. Don’t wait!